Barriers or constraints keeping this from happening in the district
Technology support in order to maintain
- teacher are fearful of the hardware (uploading, using the programs)
Fear of policy/agenda –do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing not being supported
Knowledge on the learning curve. Many teachers are limited based on knowledge. Pedagogical of the technology. What make sense with the lesson?
Doing it the old way. Don’t see the emphasis of change. Comfort with same old. Taking a risk vs. failures
Time of classroom will I get the objective covered
Lack of common vision of the 21st century learner
Education in the universities does not have collaboration of leaders asking how they are preparing teachers.
Bringing in a new initiative from the teachers. Not top down. Need permission!
No clear vision because the target is moving and shifting
Fear: Students sometimes know more about the technology than teacher
Sensory overload for some of the adults
Culture shift in the business (gap in generations)
Gap between knowledge of technology and implementation
We need to have a 21st century community