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Break Out 1
Change is needed--What barriers or constraints are keeping this from happening in your school or district
  • Nay sayers
  • Beliefs-Is this educational life or death? What if people to don't want to get on the bus?
  • Financial
  • Parents-district's inability to move forward without parent consensus
  • Perceptions of testing
  • Not enough time in the day to teach reading let alone anything
  • Hung up on basic skills and do not get beyond that
  • Changing teacher perceptions about what it means to teach-that whole expert in the front of the class-Then need to shift that model. Changing culture of teaching
  • Comfort level-resistance to change-fear of change-unlearning and relearning
  • Limitations--blocks- do we manage in house so we can have our own filtering policies and are they in students' best interests
  • Lack of models or ability to harness the great models
  • Lack of skill set to be your own learner
  • Balance - How do we balance our lives as educators?
  • How do we see this as not an add on?
  • How do we do all of these things well?
  • Teachers feel that they can not have control to guide students
  • Teachers may feel they can not get to students in self directed lesson
  • As administrators, how do we challenge teachers' fears when we may not understand it all- their classroom challenges
  • Pushback from those not wanting to use the technology.