Action Statements


- Build a PLP team that incorporates all levels of the district
- Leaders must model knowledge in school district. They must demonstrate effectiveness
- Leaders must create an environment that is conducive to 21st century school experimentation and implementation

Equipment/ Access

- Trust your teachers/students, remove the filters to enhance engagement
-Goal: 1:1 computer (BYOD or School provided)
- Provide bandwidth and internet access to support teaching 24/7
- Equip all classrooms with hardware that includes but is not limited to a laptop, smartboard, and document camera

Professional Development

- Provide time and dollars for appropriate levels of staff PD
- PD deals directly with 21st century learning
- Share&pair collaborate, Move to mandate, Model
- Staff will weekly collaborate and share through social edcation medium for example: wiki, moddle, ning, etd for the purpose of sharing 21st century experiences and technology embedded lessons.
- Our district will create the following modeling opportunities that demonstrate good teaching/learning practices that revolve around 21st century skills and learners:
administrators and teachers
teachers and teachers
outside sources and teachers and students
students and teachers


- Time must be incorporated into the school day for collaboration/professional development (appropriate # staff, 4 days for kids and 1 for staff, 1 period per day, early release/delayed start)
- Collaboration is a professional expectation and all teachers will participate (summer professional development, online PD, ning or moodle)
- Collaboration is inclusive of all school personnel


- Bring community stakeholders together to plan/create/share vision
- Communicate and sell vision. Articulate
- Educate staff and implement new classroom practices


- Develop a plan that supports a time for staff to develop personnel
- Design a framework to sustain staff collaboration on all levels of the system
- Develop a plan that supports time for staff to develop his or her own person learning


- Redesign the school day/year schedule to maximize 21st century learning for students and staff