- "Class" in the morning, Project based work in the afternoon
- 1 Friday a month, no students, faculty discovery time- FedEX day at the end- present what you discovered that day
- Mentors work with students on their "year project" on the same Friday mentioned above


- Clarify expectation for parents/students/teachers
- Educating parents through college counselor RE: universities that value creative thinkers/ critical thinking skills
- Build tech use into teachers assessment
- Stop resisting use of social technology
- Teacher workshops to share best practices

Philosophy of Education

- Research and understand the skills better (critical thinking, creative thinking)
- Help teachers to become critical thinkers about their teacher (self-eval/review)
- Shift from content to skills (content should not be the end; ti should be the catalyst)
- Have on-going, fruitful discussions with faculty about learning and teaching